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Zynergy Environmental

Zynergy Environmental is a national leader in providing Hydro Excavation and Hydroblasting services.  The company was founded to help companies, government agencies and contractors reduce costs and improve safety through the use of leading-edge hydro excavation and Hydroblasting technology.

We can provide a fleet of vehicles and equipment for virtually any size industrial job: Chemical Cleaning, Emergency Response, Environmental Services, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Offsite Cleaning, Oil Field Services, and Oil Spill Cleanup, to name a few.

What We Do

Hydro Excavation – sometimes referred to as potholing, hydro – trenching or soft-digging – is the best solution when you need to dig without any risk, and want a technology that is faster, cleaner and safer than conventional digging.

Unlike a backhoe or Cat, that may not be able to get into tight spaces, our equipment is self-contained, limits crowding at your jobsite, and can work intight spaces when highly precise equipment is needed that only removes enough material to get the job done.

Why Hydro – Excavation

Zynergy Environmental ENGINEERINGHydro Excavation Equipment Capabilities:

  • Excavation to depths of 65’, as far as 400’ from the truck
  • Excavate in congested or sensitive areas while minimizing ground
  • Eliminate damage to underground infrastructure and associated delays
    due to damage of utilities

Hydro excavation is the ideal solution for:

  • Opening up trenches
  • Locating utilities and pipelines
  • Digging in hazardous areas
  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Placement of utility lines
  • Creation of drainage ditches
  • Tough to get to locations
  • Cleaning tanks and containers
  • Indoor excavation
  • Custom jobs in sensitive areas
  • Safely uncovering buried utilities
  • Reducing accidental contact with “live” power lines

Hydro excavation advantages:

  • No messy backhoe tracks
  • No blowing dirt or debris
  • Less labor than conventional digging methods.
  • Less disruption of the surrounding area
  • Less material removed
  • Crews remain at ground level reducing the threat of a trench cave-in.
  • Reduces backfill
  • Simplifies restoration of the dig area

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